Unreal Engine iPhone Preview

Alright before everyone goes WTF!? because the title says iPhone and not Android let me explain. I’m only referencing the iPhone because there is a video showing game play on the iPhone with the Unreal Engine and using that to show what we can expect for Android devices, it’ll be similar quality, if not better by the time the engine comes out for Android.

Now that that is out of the way…Epic didn’t announce any update to the Unreal Engine for Android at GDC, barely touched on it for the iPhone but announced it for the Palm WebOS. You can read my original article about Epic’s Press Conference nicely titled Epic Fail.

Anyways, the point is this, whether we have an update from Epic or not, this video showing Unreal Engine in action on an iPhone at GDC tells us a lot about the quality of graphics and smooth game play we can expect to see on our Android devices. Bare in mind that because there was no official word from Epic about an Android port of the Unreal Engine that it could be some time before we see it and with that in mind, the newer Android phones that will be out when this happens will have much better hardware then an least I think so anyways with how the current trend is going. Here’s the video of off-screen footage of the Unreal Engine in action in a multiplayer FPS game on the iPhone:

I will say I’m impressed already at how it runs and looks which only makes me more eager to see this come to light for Android devices sooner rather then later. Top that off with multiplayer and it’s nothing but win for Android owners. GDC overall though was pretty lacking in Android news, hopefully next year we will see a whole lot more coming out of major game companies and GDC itself.

Video courtesy of: 1UP

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