Urban Management Sim Evil Hunter Tycoon Gets a Darkness Front Yard Update

Evil Hunter Tycoon, the urban management sim from developer Super Planet, has just received a Darkness Front Yard update. 

The theme of the update is “Counterattack”, and it focuses on the hunters marching on the Dark Lord’s Castle. They discover pieces of a mysterious scroll, which turns out to be the Dark Lord Castle’s Portal scroll, which the hunters promptly enter at great personal risk.

Darkness Front Yard is a new hunting ground, with new monsters and a rune system with 25 runes. Monsters include the Bloody Royal Guards, as well as, erm, maids and gardeners.

Along with this update, Super Planet is also holding various events to celebrate Evil Hunter Tycoon’s 2 millionth download.

You can pick up Evil Hunter Tycoon for free right now on Google Play.

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