Vegas Strip City coming in June, complete with Mobage social gaming installed.

Last year a company called DeNA bought another game studio called ngmoco and along with it their Plus+ social gaming network. DeNA already had their Mobage social gaming network as well. This purchase of ngmoco was to help DeNA to expand into the US social gaming market and it looks like that is starting to happen.

Currently released in Japan and other Asia countries for Android, Vegas Strip City is a social game where you have all the fun of gambling in Las Vegas without being in Las Vegas. Obviously you aren’t gambling real money. However, this also marks the first game (as far as we know) slated for a US release that will be attached to DeNA’s Mobage social gaming network. This means there will be millions of people playing this game.


The developers, Astro Ape Studios, didn’t hold back with it either. They brought as much of the VIP experience from Las Vegas into the game where you can earn ‘Comp’ points as you gamble and party the night away in-game. Vegas Strip City features all of the popular card games you would find here in Las Vegas, from Blackjack to Baccarat. Even more interesting though is the fact that this game was developed in only 6 weeks.

“We’re excited about developing for Android and also excited about bringing localized versions of our titles to Japan and throughout Asia,” said Astro Ape CEO Chieh Huang. “We had a tight deadline and developed Vegas Strip City in only six weeks, but our designers fully captured the rich, plush feel of a high-end Vegas experience in vivid detail. The game is all about bringing the glitz and glamour of the high life to everyone, so it’s a perfect pairing with the amazing Android devices now coming to market.”

Vegas Strip City will be available on the US shores sometime this June. It will be free to download as it will most likely follow the Freemium business model so expect the ability to have in-game purchases available to you when it is released.

Developer Website: Astro Ape Studios

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