Wage war over scarce minerals in MechCom 2 – a 3D RTS game now available on Google Play

Released by Game Dev Team, MechCom 2 is a new RTS game for the Android platform. Pulling its inspiration from Warzone 2100, this game is set on the plant of Tiberius, where resources are being fought over. Players will assume the role of an unnamed, yet distinguished, military commander, tasked with the ranks of one of the competing corporations in search of the scarce materials.

Players will be harvesting resources, erecting structures such as refineries, factories, armories, and laboratories, as well as marshaling an army comprised of different models of war mechs. You will get to customize how you would like their mechs built, choosing from Gatling Guns, Cannons, Rocket Launchers, and Lasers for weaponry, while the lower portions can have wheels, tank treads, legs, or outright flight. The former choices will impact how much damage is done and what types of targets will be fired upon, while the latter determines a unit’s armor and speed.

MechCom 2 Features:

• Stylised 3D graphics
• Simple and intuitive controls
• Different game modes
• 16 unique combinations of mechs
• Challenging AI
• No Ads or In-App Purchases

MechCom 2 is available from Google Play for a flat $1.00 with no IAPs being present either. You can check out some of the gameplay before dropping a buck on the game with the trailer below, as well as a couple of extra screenshots.

Google Play: MechCom 2

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