Day: 8 April 2016


Square Enix announces their upcoming global release of Romancing SaGa 2 on Android

Announced by Square Enix via the game’s Twitter account, that they are going to be releasing the Android version of Romancing SaGa 2 globally. Originally released for the Super Famicom back in 1993, this game is set in the Kingdom of Avalon, where players begin the game assuming the role of King Leon, along with other characters (even through subsequent generations of characters) as the focus of the game shifts.


[Update: Beta Launch] MildMania is bringing a new hero to Android. Cattch is coming soon.

MildMania is based in Ankara, Turkey. Their Chief Executive Ninja, Burkay Ozdemir, informed us that their new colorful puzzle/platforming game Cattch, will be coming to Android soon. Cattch released on iOS this week, and the Android version should be entering the beta phase this week. Based on what we have seen, this is a game we want to play as soon as possible.


Wage war over scarce minerals in MechCom 2 – a 3D RTS game now available on Google Play

Released by Game Dev Team, MechCom 2 is a new RTS game for the Android platform. Pulling its inspiration from Warzone 2100, this game is set on the plant of Tiberius, where resources are being fought over. Players will assume the role of an unnamed, yet distinguished, military commander, tasked with the ranks of one of the competing corporations in search of the scarce materials.