We would like to formally introduce you to our new writers!

Over the last couple of weeks since we announced that we are looking for writers, we’ve been going through each and every application that was sent into us. The response was, to say the least, overwhelming. This is a good thing because we had a lot of qualified applicants submit their emails of interest in writing for the site. This was also a difficult thing because we actually had to make a decision on who to take on as new writers.

After much deliberation, making some of these qualified applicants even writing reviews to help make a decision, we’ve finally knuckled down and made our selections. While we really wish we could take on every single person who applied, we unfortunately can’t. However if you applied for one of the positions and were not selected, we are keeping everyone’s name and email on file for when more spots open up and you will be contacted with the chance to join at that point.

So with that said, we would like to formally introduce everyone to our new writers that we have picked to join the team:

Jolo Millar
Brandon Matsalia
Ryan Ballard
Kristian Ivanov (a.k.a CrisR82)
Steve Wright
Jaymes Carter
Ian DeMartino
Zack Kaplan
John Shieldsmith
Chris Vellrath

You will start seeing some of their posts showing up as soon as today. These new writers will be posting news, interviews and more, not just reviews although there will be plenty of those as well. We also ask everyone give these new writers a big warm welcome and a little patience while they make themselves at home and learn the ropes here at DroidGamers.

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