Whispering Willows and 21 other games chosen as OUYA CREATE Finalists

The 10-day developer challenge from Kill Screen called OUYA CREATE has come to a close with 22 games in total being selected as finalists in a variety of categories, all of which have rather interesting names. Some of these games are pretty solid and we’ve even talked about a couple of them recently including Whispering Willows, a horror-themed adventure puzzle game that will also be coming to Android.

There are seven categories in total each game submitted could be nominated for and win a cash prize to help further development. These categories are “Most Surprising” Award, “Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks” Award, “Most Immersive” Award, “Pop Your Eyes Out” Award, “Best Couch with Friends” Award, Best Game Created using the Unity Engine, and the big category for the CREATE Grand Prize.

The most recent game we talked about, Whispering Willows, also happens to be a finalist in three categories: CREATE Grand Prize, “Most Immersive” Award and the “Pop Your Eyes Out” Award which basically means best visuals. Congrats to those guys for being nominated for three categories including the grand prize. Competition is stiff though and any of the finalists can still come out on top.

Avner – An unexpected hero

Avner – An unexpected hero by Corbomite Games is a great looking side-scrolling, action-puzzle game, that takes place in a fantasy world. This game has been nominated for two categories: “Pop Your Eyes Out” Award and the CREATE Grand Prize.

Heist 8080

Heist 8080 by Nate Yourchuck is a rather interesting game. This is a museum heist game here you will be stealing stuff from a museum. While that is rather cool itself, this game will allow up to 10 players to play in a single game on the same OUYA or connect through WiFi for online multiplayer. Fleeing the game/museum lets you keep whatever artwork you’ve stolen for yourself.

Duel Core

Duel Core from Behold Studios is a rather good looking (visually) game that is a mesh between space shooter and a Real-time strategy game. This game is nominated for two categories as well but it should be nominated for a third category for “Most Annoying Video Trailer” Award because the music, as much as I like chiptunes, makes me want to put my own face through a pane of glass.

Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros by React! Games is a great looking dungeon crawling action game where fraternity brothers happen to be stuck in a Dungeons and Dragons nightmare. You’ll have to hack n’ slash your way through the dungeons to safety. This game can have up to four players hacking away at monster at once.


Resonance by Zero Day Studios happens to be a first-person horror game where the developers have managed to tap into one of my personal fears, being trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean by yourself. Well, you aren’t completely by yourself… The trailer doesn’t show a whole lot and has a really creepy sound for background music but that doesn’t matter, the concept of the game is just disturbing.

Operation Giant

Operation Giant by Fenix Fire Entertainment is a ridiculously good looking game in regards to the visuals. You may recognize Fenix Fire’s name and that would be because they are the studio behind the rather enjoyable platformer called Roboto currently available on Google Play. Operation Giant is set in the year 2048, where mankind is forced to invent more powerful military forces if it has any chance against a far superior extra-planetary threat.

Cape Chronicles

Cape Chronicles by HeliumIntStudios is another great looking multiplayer game where players take control of elemental knights who happen to make a hobby of battling enemies through ‘epic castles’. All of this action takes form as a side-scrolling action game.

This is just a selection of the games picked as finalists for the Kill Screen OUYA CREATE developer challenge. All of the entries are top notch games that are in various stages of development. We encourage you to check each finalist out and keep in mind that most of these games are still being developed since most were started a mere 10-days ago. Pretty impressive considering the rather short period of time.

Let us know in the comments below what your top 3 picks are out of all the finalists. It will be interesting to see what all of our readers end up choosing.

Website Referenced: Kill Screen CREATE OUYA Challenge Finalist

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