Winterstate from Playraven arrives this week for Android

Former members of Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar and Supercell, have created their own studio named Playraven. They are releasing their second game into the Google Play Store this week. Their first game was Robocide. Their latest title Winterstate, is a real-time strategy game that takes place in a frigid environment. In a few words, it looks stunning.

I first became aware of Winterstate during all of the information that was being disseminated during GDC 2016. As a huge fan of real-time strategy games, I was immediately hooked by some of the images that were being shown. Also, knowing that team members from Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar and Supercell were involved, gave me hope that this would be a great title to play. It had been announced for iOS, but I had to ask that dreadful question… would it make its way to Android. Fortunately the answer was yes, and soon. Soon happens to be this week, Thursday, March 24th.

Winterstate takes players to a world where a global climate disaster has torn apart the very fabric and economy of the USA, leaving ragged bands of survivors to roam the frozen landscape in all kinds of makeshift attack vehicles. Now it’s up to players across the world to join Knuckle Sam – a gritty homage to America’s famous Uncle Sam – and fight back against the bandits to protect the Winterstate. Draw and execute battle plans in real-time 3D conflict while raiding other players around the world. Trade precious goods and colect iconic yellow cabs, monster trucks and even fire engines, and fit them with massive flamethrowers, cannons and a whole arsenal of different weapons. Raid, trade and get paid!Playraven

Playraven is calling this game a “Tactical Combat Trader.” We are eager to get our hands on this one to play. The initial images reminded me of the high-quality art direction/graphics found in 11-Bit Studios’ Anomaly Defense Series. Though that game series genre is tower defense, Winterstate has graphics that are equally as impressive. Adding to that, the ability to control/direct your vehicles, massive explosions, collecting and trading, and you have a game that is ripe for success. 

Playraven has come up with a very imaginative universe for Winterstate. It wouldn’t be difficult to see this game becoming a movie or a graphic novel, fully fleshed out with intriguing characters, and an extended narrative. You can see some of that creativity being displayed in the vehicles that you will be able to direct/control during the game. A few of the types of vehicles you will encounter in the game are: Scout (Dread Predator), Assault (Engine 72), Artillery (Cloudpuncher) and Support (Justia Omnibus).

When Winterstate launches Thursday, it will be free-to-play. It will be interesting to see what type of free-to-play structure comes with the game. As we have seen recently with Clash Royale (Supercell) and Basketball Stars (Miniclip), you can have a lot of fun with free to play games, when the gameplay is balanced. Based on the experienced team behind Winterstate, we are hoping for the best. So far, quite a few iOS gamers have had positive reviews of the game. As soon as it is available to download, we will let you know. Until then, check out the trailer. Let us know in the comments if you are excited about this great looking real-time strategy game. I for one, can’t wait to play fire it up on my tablet.


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