World of Bomb Bronze

World of Bombs Bronze, developer by Zeugame, is a Bomberman style real-time multiplayer game for your Android device. Still in it’s beta phase, the game features maps with power-ups where you can go against 3 other players, bombing everything including them in hopes that you come out on top as the winner and still alive.

You can also play this game online through your browser on the PC at the developers website. Overall the game is pretty entertaining. Using the trackball you move your character around, pressing on the trackball to set a bomb to destroy objects around you, collecting power-ups until you can reach your enemies and start trying to bomb them.

Movement is alright although it could be much more fluid and smoother. Graphics are 2D and suitable for this game although seeing some more refined looking graphics would be better as well. You can register to save your username and character, submit your scores and things like that or you can just start a game and play anonymously. Lastly, if no one is online at the time, you can still play the game against 3 computer AI opponents.

World of Bomb Bronze is available for free or a full version for around $1.60USD. I would suggest trying out the free version even if no one is on to play it just to be sure you want to pay for the full version. A little more work and this could be a great title to have.

Developer Website: Zeugames

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