XLabs releases their first 3D extreme racing game called ATV Madness

XLabs has developed about 4 games for iOS, all of which deal with some sort of extreme version of racing such as dirt bike racing or Monster Truck Rally. In fact last year we reported that they would be bringing their games to Android at some point. Apparently that time is now with their first release, ATV Madness.

Just as the title suggests, ATV Madness is an off-road racing game where you will be riding an ATV over crazy terrain and, hopefully, winning races and not plowing yourself into trees. you won’t be stuck with just one model of ATV either. You will actually have 12 to choose from, each with their own different types of braking, grip, handling and other controls.


  • Amazing physics emulation
  • 12 different ATV models
  • 12 different freestyle tricks
  • 5 amazing 3d tracks
  • Accelerometer support
  • Skeletal animation



Of course what kind of extreme off-road racing game would consider itself complete without any tricks for you to bust out when you get some air. In ATV Madness, hit some air and break out any of the 12 tricks available while you gracefully glide through the air. The only system requirement, aside from having free space on your phone, is that you have a CPU running at a minimum 800MHz. You can grab ATV Madness off the Android Market for $5.65 right now.

Hopefully this will be the start of XLabs bringing all their games over to Android. Monster Truck Rally looks pretty fun as well.

Thanks to Roger lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: XLabs

Android Market Link: ATV Madness

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