You Can Play the Forest Level on Human Fall Flat Right Now

Human Fall Flat is one of those games that wears its desires on its sleeve. There are a lot of humans. They will fall flat. It’s a bonkers physics-based third person multiplayer adventure, and it’s just got a brand new level.

That level is called Forest and, wait for it, it’s set in a forest. There are trees, there are mountains, there are crashed planes, there’s plenty of heavy machinery to mess around on.

And that’s sort of the point of Human Fall Flat – messing around. Sure there are challenges and all of that, but it’s a great game to pick up when you just want to be silly. Here’s a trailer for the new level.

Looks pretty good, right? Human: Fall Flat is great on your own, but it’s even better if you bring three friends along for the ride. Concocting ways to solve puzzles, looking around for secrets – all of these things are better if you’ve got some pals.

You can download Human: Fall Flat from the Play Store by clicking here. It’s a premium game, so it’ll set you back $4.99. The Forest level, and all the other levels that have been added since the game was released, is completely freeeeeee.

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