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Mini Army by OrangePixel receives big update

Mini Army, that cool little game by OrangePixel based off the old Snake game but completely redone, was updated today with a rather large update. Along with a bunch of bug fixes included in this update, there are also new desktops to play on, a new game mode, new achievements to unlock and a whole lot more. Check out the full change log!

Game News

Angry Birds bug unlocks any world in-game

Well this is rather awesome. There is a bug inside the Angry Birds game someone found out and posted the instructions on Reddit. A user going by the name of Braaaiins found the bug and after trying it myself it does work, quite well in fact. However the instructions are a bit misleading when talking about keeping the worlds unlocked.

Game News

New smash hit iOS game Cut The Rope coming to Android

Big news today as another huge smash hit game is on its way to Android. We are talking about the recently released iOS game called Cut The Rope by Zeptolab. According to dutch Android site,, they are committed to making an Android version available sometime in the future. The iOS version was released through Chillingo, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.