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Everlands Review – Fight the Evil Bunnies!

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A great contagion of purpleness has overtaken the animal kingdom in this challenging, turn-based strategy, and it’s your job to fix it. Pick the right furries for the job, and you’ll restore order in no time. Everlands is a relatively deep, turn-based strategy game in which you are tasked with fighting the great purple legions of corrupted forest animals.

Title: Everlands | Developer: Hexage, Ltd.Genre: Brain & Puzzle, Strategy |

Players: 1, 2 (local) | Version: 1.4 | Size: 7.4MB | Price: $2.39 (HD version available)

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As you wind your merry-way through a forested trail, you’ll encounter new scenarios, each triggering a cute little story before you jump into the fray. Once the action begins, defeating a purple baddie will switch its color from purple (sick) to green (healthy) again. Of course, the AI can place a purple right next-door to your newly-captured tile and switch it back again! At the end of each level, victory goes to whichever side has the most animals of their color.

With every new stage, you’re given a couple new animals to add to your armada, each with its own attack strength, hit points, edges of attack, and special abilities. This game is played on a hex-grid, so placement of your animals based on all of the above factors is key to winning. The built-in tutorial does a relatively good job in explaining all of this, so be sure to do that before diving-in to the game. In all, there are 20 levels to Everlands which, according to the Market community, isn’t enough to keep their digits busy. I, however, still find myself stuck on the 6th stage. The AI is pretty damned good.

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Controls: The controls are fairly straightforward and easy to learn, and basically involve a whole lot of tapping. You scroll-through your animals, double-tap to see their abilities or single-tap to select and then place on the grid. The only minor confusion comes when using special creatures like bees, which deploy two bees in-sequence, or kiwis, who allow you to place an egg after you place the animal itself. Read the descriptions carefully and you won’t get thrown-off.

Graphics: Everlands has a very Flash-style cartoony feel, which works well for the game. The art is clean and the lines are sharp, including the hex-grid and floating damage text that appears during attacks. All of the colors, especially in the map portion of the game, are vibrant and really stand-out.

Sound: The background music is a soothing, crystalline ditty that just might knock you out if you’re not careful. It’s pleasant, and certainly takes a back-row seat in this game. The sound quality is well-produced, however, and doesn’t sound amateurish or tinny. 

Options: This is a linear, solo adventure with the option of a Challenge mode. In the Challenge mode, you can play a 2-player game by taking your turn, then manually turning the phone around and letting your opponent play, etc. It’s a hassle, and I doubt many people actually will use this option. In terms of settings, your only options are music and sound volume.

Verdict: Everlands is a great, colorful, and challenging turn-based strategy game. Hexage develops some quality content, so it’s no surprise that this is another solid title. My only wish is that there was some randomized “challenge vs. AI” option in addition to the main campaign, and (of course) an option to play online.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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