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Pinball Ride – Bright Lights, Big City

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Take a fast ride through the dark, neon-streets of Sometown as a small, shiny chrome ball in this energy-laced, street-themed pinball iPhone port. Pinball Ride does one thing and it does it well on your Android device – pinball.

Title: Pinball Ride | Developer: Massive FingerGenre: Arcade |

Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 18.2MB | Price: $0.99

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Playing through the story mode, you’ll spin your way through bonuses, multi-ball rounds, flashy lights and achievements – driven a pulsing electro-house soundtrack. While there is but one board in this game, the graphics are slick and the controls are responsive enough to make this a great little title.

Controls: Shoot the ball by dragging the stick-shift back on the right side of the screen, then releasing it. The flippers are triggered by tapping either side of the screen. Controls in Pinball Ride are responsive, and do well to keep-up with the fast pace of the game.

Graphics: Beautiful. The visual style of this game reminds me of Grand Theft Auto – dimly lit streets, neon lights, and gang fights. Lights on the board glow and cycle, and the story-screens add a nice bit of variety. Even when zoomed-in to “flipper view”, the game runs smooth as silk.

Sound: The background track in Pinball Ride is a bumpin’, energetic electro track that keeps the pace heated and the player engaged. Flipper and bumper sounds are good.

Options: In addition to volume sliders for sound and music, you can change the view (top-down or flipper perspective), and change how the story screens appear during the game. In my opinion, flipper-view is a must, and adds a nice layer of immersion. There’s also a slew of achievements to… well, achieve… in-game, which you can browse in the Achievements window. The game allows you to create a profile and track your high-score.

Pinball Ride is a solid pinball title, and great to have around for a quick pick-up game. The graphics are slick, the soundtrack is awesome, and the controls are responsive. I only have two minor gripes with this game. First, the ball-animation does lag on occasion, and ever-so-slightly, meaning you probably have to have a more modern phone. Also, I’m dying for some new tables. Why they didn’t include another table or two is beyond my imagination, because it would’ve (in my humble opinion) made this game 100% solid. Nevertheless, for 99c (current intro promo price), I can’t imagine why anyone would turn-away from this game.



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