Shooting demons and playing in hell – The DoomGLES Review

Let’s be honest, Doom isn’t just a legend amongst players nowadays, It’s more of a lifestyle. It defined the term FPS back in the 90’s, and keeps being played to this very day. Now, if you used to think “oh, it just looks so damn pixelated and I’d rather get one of those awesome-looking games on my tablet”, you better start getting those bucks out of your pocket, since this OpenGLES port of Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom (and virtually any IWAD out there) will surely get you back to some martians-ass-kicking.

Title: DoomGLES | Developer: Kokak | Genre: Action | Players: 1 | Version: N/A | Size: N/A | Price: $2.14 |

Gameplay: 10/10

I don’t really know if any of you have or have not played Doom, but just in case, you’ll have a nice virtual trip through hell, killing hordes of bad-ass monsters, while keeping you on the edge of your … well, wherever it is that you’re sitting on. The game itself contains the Shareware version of Doom, and as long as you have them, you can play every single episode of every single Doom game out there. You can also play any IWADs you like, so the re-playability factor is endless.

Graphics: 9/10

The game sports OpenGLES graphics, including the next eye-candy effects:

– High Resolution (on tablets or high-end phones)
– Realtime Dynamic Lighting
– Particle Effects
– 3D Monsters and objects (just picture yourself getting some 3D Cyber-demons out on your own)
– Blood Projections
– Realistic Water Effects

Of course, you’ll need a nice rocking device to be able to get all of these effects working, but you can always deactivate them and play the classic graphics version, or one with the effects you prefer. Playing the game in HD with all effects on is like an out-of-body experience for Doom fans.

Sounds: 9/10

There’s nothing like getting a flashback as soon as you start the game, remembering those tunes that defined our very childhood. It’ll get you anxious to press the start button and get it on.

Controls: 9/10

The on-screen controls work as well as any other screen controls for FPS games out there. As always, it gets a while to get used to them, but you’ll find yourself enjoying and shooting at everything in just a matter of minutes once you are used to everything. You will also find Bright control and Transparency control buttons. You can also play it on your Xperia PLAY, with full control mapping.

Modding: Here is a very interesting aspect of the game, since you can play every copy you own of the Doom series as long as you have it’s .WAD file. You can also play custom IWADS (talk about a nice session with Plutonia 2) with DoomGLES graphics.

In The End: Whether you are a die hard fan of the Doom series, or a newcomer looking for adventure, this port will keep you on for hours, and then get you some more time of nice shooting. The graphics give some new life to the legend, giving you the option of going classical with old-school graphics, or bursting what’s best of your device’s processor.

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