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Samsung Gear Live + Windows95 + DOOM + Minecraft = Win

Emulating another operating system on a platform not native to said operating system isn’t a new thing. There are plenty of emulators out there that can emulate just about anything you want, even on a platform like Samsung Gear Live. So while putting Window95 onto your Gear Live might seem a bit odd of an idea at first, until the cool factor sets in. Of course playing DOOM on it definitely adds to that.


Shooting demons and playing in hell – The DoomGLES Review

Let’s be honest, Doom isn’t just a legend amongst players nowadays, It’s more of a lifestyle. It defined the term FPS back in the 90’s, and keeps being played to this very day. Now, if you used to think “oh, it just looks so damn pixelated and I’d rather get one of those awesome-looking games on my tablet”, you better start getting those bucks out of your pocket, since this OpenGLES port of Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom (and virtually any IWAD out there) will surely get you back to some martians-ass-kicking.