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W.W.G.R Mar.1-Mar.7

I don’t know if Stone Jordan got some advice from Aroma Planning on how to make crappy games but it sure seems like it considering the familiarities between the two developers. This week’s review of the worst games currently out are by developer Stone Jordan who has been releasing some sort of picture ‘game’ that displays pictures…and that’s it. These aren’t even games really but since they are posted under the Games section of the market, they get reviewed.

If you remember the last weekly worst game review in which we praised Aroma Planning for their absolute craptactular games, those games were nothing but pictures where you touch certain areas to make the woman’s hips wiggle. Amazing I know. The pictures were horrible and some even down right disturbing (see Woman with Dentist game by Aroma Planning).

At least with Stone Jordan the pictures are normal instead of some old man’s fantasy of touching women to make their hips shake or stare into their mouth that has poor dental care. Regardless though, these shouldn’t even be posted in the Games category. An example of Stone Jordan’s awesome contribution to the Android market:

Sexy Hot Asian Girl 02 – In this riveting game you load it up from your app drawer to start and then once it loads you pan through pictures. Too much excitement for one game but wait there’s more! Hold you phone horizontally during playback to see these stunning images. Really not sure what the difference is between portrait and landscape mode with these pictures but apparently this is a feature. You can pan through the pictures in either mode. That’s the ‘game’.

Honestly, this is a gallery app with pre-loaded pictures of Asian women or Playboy women. He also has a selection of basketball and car wallpapers in his other apps although I believe those aren’t actually in the games category, even though these are. Stone Jordan has put out a lot of these already so I don’t see this ending anytime soon unfortunately. Some one from Google needs to remove these apps from the game section and put them elsewhere.

Sadly, most of Stone Jordan’s ‘games’ have good ratings. Still, even though these are terrible, Aroma Planning still wears the crown for most terrible games ever (and is still submitting more of them no less). Good try Stone Jordan, but you’ll need to try harder if you want that crown.

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