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Weekly Worst Game Review

One of the lovely features on this site will be a review, once a week, of that weeks worst game that has been released to our beloved Android Market. Since this is our first installment, it’s been decided to kick it off with one of the big players who has tried hard to produce not just one, but a series of terrible games.

It is you, developer Aroma Planning, who has won the precious weekly worst game review’s coveted crown. You have succeeded where only one other has, and that is to release numerous games that are just absolutely terrible.

It is you, Aroma Planning, that makes our heads shake every time we see a new release by you. Your game’s icons featuring the ass of a woman bent over, glaring at us, while she cleans a floor, or climbing some structure, or just walking in a skirt. Even better, the Woman and the Dentist game where we got to look into the big mouth of some person with bad teeth work.

All we have to do is touch her hip and we get points! Unbelievably some are actually paid games! Even better, somehow you’ve managed to produce not 1, nor 5 or even 10 of these games but a staggering 32?! Your highest rating is 1.5 out of 5 stars and I think it’s only that high because some people gave you a slightly better score of 2/5 stars out of sympathy. Sadly, what boggles my mind is that almost every one of your apps has at least 100 downloads…half showing 500-1000 downloads.

Some comments left by people who have unfortunately downloaded your games:

Tom writes a comment for Moppin Hip 02 – “Flag this utter garbage as inappropriate. We don’t need this dev spamming his pointless, creepy apps all over our market”.

Christian writes a bit more bluntly for Moppin Hip 02 – “You are a dumbf*ck”.

Ray writes for Moppin Hip 06 – “This is stupid as hell…I would rather counts leaves that I rake up”.

Perhaps it’s just the Moppin Hip games that has everyone’s feathers ruffled. Let’s check the comments for the other ones…

Dan writes for Woman and Dentist(Lite) – “But..But I don’t want to pleasure myself to this”. Sadly this game has 5000-10000 downloads.

Patrick writes for Climbing Hippy 03 – “Stupid..maybe the dumbest app I’ve ever seen.”

You get the idea. If you want a good laugh though, there are a LOT more comments and all of them will make you laugh.

So for the first installment of Weekly Worst Game, it’s not just a game but an entire series (32 of them) to avoid unless you want to feel your sanity slowly melt away and dribble out one of your ears right along with your brain.

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