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Madowl Games shares their next project QB with DroidGamers

Madowl Games is working on a new project. We covered their first game Hex Defender a few months ago when it was released. It was a very intriguing spin on a tower defense game, set in a sci-fi universe. Their next game is a bit more down to earth, but has the makings of a challenging and wonderful puzzle game. If you enjoyed games like Hitman Go and Monument Valley, QB is a game you should add to the list of games to be played, when it releases for Android and iOS.


3D Puzzle Game Twisty Planets from Crescent Moon Games is Now Available to Download

Crescent Moon Games has been busy this week, and it is only Tuesday! Just in case you missed it, yesterday, a new Mobile Humble Bundle became available from Crescent Moon Games.  A few of the games are only available through that bundle, like: Exiles: Far Colony, The Deer God, 2-Bit Cowboy and Space Chicks. You should check that bundle out if you haven’t yet. There is a lot of gaming goodness that can be purchased for a small price, while at the same time, supporting charity and the developers. Today we have just been notified that their latest project, Twisty Planets, is available to download in the Play Store. It is a charming 3D puzzle game that will challenge your problem solving abilities.


Droidkoban 3D

Droidkoban, by developer Leihwelt, is a new 3D Puzzle game featuring our beloved little Android as he moves through various stages moving boxes to where they need to go in order to proceed to the next stage. All the graphics are done using OpenGL ES technology and game play is done via the trackball.