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Electronic Arts launches their own eSports league called the Competitive Gaming Division

eSports has been growing since its inception, and will continue to grow for some time to come as well. In fact the mobile eSports leagues are just starting to really materialize and will most likely grow to be as big as PC/console eSports leagues. Today eSport just got a little bigger with the announcement of EA’s own eSports initiative called their Competitive Gaming Division.


Electronic Arts working on bringing back their Battlefield franchise to mobile devices

EA has plenty of franchises in their catalog of games for a variety of platforms but their main FPS franchise called Battlefield is one that the company has big plans for in the near future. These plans pertain to bringing the franchise to mobile but it isn’t just about bringing a port of the game over. It’s also about having it ‘inter-operate’ with the game on other platforms as well, making it a true cross-platform mobile game. This is a trend we have been seeing lately as this is at least the third game in about a week that we’ve talked about heading our way that will contain cross-platform multiplayer with its PC/console brethren.