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Mekorama is an engaging and enjoyable puzzle game from Martin Magni

Mekorama is a remarkable puzzle game that has been released for Android. It is unusual that a game is released on the weekend, but this one would be welcome anytime it hit the Play Store. Martin Magni, the creator of Odd Bot Out has released his latest title for Android and iOS. It is labeled as a Diorama puzzle game and it is free to play too. Don’t throw your hands up in dismay just yet. You can also name the price you want to pay for the game. In an interesting and welcome twist to the free-to-play structure, Mr. Magni is giving gamers the best of both worlds.


Fold the World: A brilliantly conceived puzzle game from CrazyLabs is available to download

It seems I have been waiting for this game to come out for ages. The first time I saw video of this game, I was immediately impressed by how wonderfully brilliantly the gameplay appeared to be. CrazyLabs and EON Games have created an intriguing puzzle game called Fold the World. You have to see the game in action. Once you do, I am certain you will be impressed too. The game has been available to download in the Play Store for a couple of weeks now and you should definitely try it.