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Whitaker Trebella Creator of Pivvot releases the fascinating Piloteer for Android

Whitaker Trebella of Fixpoint Productions is not only a game designer, but he is also a musician. You may be familiar with the games Pivvot and Polymer, which were released not too long ago for Android devices. His games are unique, colorful and always on the upper tier of difficulty, when it comes to game play. His latest game Piloteer, is absolutely stunning in art style, but definitely tough, when it comes to game play… and I like it!


Winds of Steel 3D

I don’t think I’ve seen this type of game available for Android just yet, I could be wrong though. Winds of Steel is a 3D war game where you are a pilot running missions in certain time periods in history. There is everything from dogfights to bombing missions and a blend of both as well as special moves you can do while flying to dodge getting shot down.