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See how well you play QB in Flick Quarterback 16 from Full Fat Games

Release by Full Fat, Flick Quarterback 16 is the newest addition to the company’s ongoing series of Flick Quarterback titles, which is now out on Android. As one might guess from the game’s name, players will use flicking motions to both cause the quarterback to throw the ball, as well as to help steer the ball either left or right during flight, in the hopes of hitting the receiver, while keeping an eye open for the incoming blitz.


Full Fat Games punts NFL Kicker 2013 onto Google Play

Full Fat games have made themselves a name on Android with their flick games. Other than Agent Dash, which we reported about some time ago, all of their titles are known for their use of flick movements, mostly to control balls (golf balls, rugby balls and footballs). Well, they’re coming back this time with yet another NFL game called NFL Kicker 13.


Full Fat Games to go freemium, their first free-to-play title will be Agent Dash

Full Fat Games, developers of all the ‘Flick’ sports games on Android, are making a move to go freemium with their future games. While they state that they are going freemium, they also refer to their games as free-to-play which could cause a bit of confusion since those are two different things. As it stands right now, we will go with free-to-play as the choice they mean and their first title to fall into their new business model is their upcoming game called Agent Dash.