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[Updated] Amazon puts the LG G2 phone on sale for $199 off-contract for a limited time

We don’t usually post about Android devices going on sale mainly because there are plenty of other sites out there that cover this sort of thing. However once in awhile there is a sale so good we just have to post about it and that happens to be the case today with LG’s G2 Android phone on Amazon going for $199 for a limited time. Did we mention this is the VerizonĀ and AT&T’s off-contract price?


G2 repairs self on reboot when rooted

Well here’s some shocking news coming from the xda-developers forums – according to what we have learned so far, the G2 will ‘repair’ itself when rebooted if you root it. While not completely gaming related, we do have a lot of ROM users who are into Android gaming, so think of this as a PSA.


The Next Great Gaming Phone – The G2?

If you follow Android news at all, then you are probably already aware of this, but T-Mobile has officially unveiled the G2. The successor to the G1, the G2 offers a huge improvement in just about every area over it’s older brother. With the Droid 2 and the Samsung Epic 4G both sporting keyboards as well, the question is if the G2 be able to compete with them in terms of gaming.