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[Gamescom 2013] Le Games Bundle is a new type of bundle sale featuring French game developers

Since Gamescom 2013 is Europe’s premier gaming industry conference and France happens to be a partner country for this event, there is a service called ‘Le Game’ which helps promote French game development companies to the international crowd. Le Game has come up with a bundle type of sale to help accomplish this where there will be a total of three bundles available for a short period of time.

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[Gamescom 2013] EA announces Dungeon Keeper will be arriving onto Android this Winter

Gamescom 2013 is well under way and while a lot of the focus right now is on the next gen consoles, mobile is certainly not out of the picture and is actually a pretty big part of the gaming-centric conference. To start things off, EA has made a couple of announcements with the first one being the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper which will be making its way to Android this Winter.

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Hexagon Game Labs will be unveiling the first premium HTML5 game called SteamPower1830 at GamesCom

GamesCom 2013 is coming up pretty quickly and this particular convention surrounding video games has expanded greatly over the past couple of years in regards to hosting developers who make mobile games. This year should be even bigger and we are already getting news about games that can be played on mobile devices. One such game is called SteamPower1830 by Hexagon Game Labs but this won’t be a game where you’ll be able to get it off Google Play.