Hardware News

Mad Catz and Nvidia working together to bring GameStream to the Mojo console

The upcoming Mojo Android-powered game console by Mad Catz is nearing its official retail launch and it looks like it will be a little more appealing when it finally does go on sale thanks to Mad Catz and Nvidia working together to bring Nvidia’s GameStream technology to the console. While this feature most likely won’t make it in time for the console’s launch, it is planned for it to arrive in an update shortly afterwards.

Hardware News

Nvidia’s GameStream feature officially arriving October 28th for Shield owners to use

One of the features that Nvidia’s Shield was announced to have was the ability to  stream PC games to it so you can play those game on your Shield. While the short term goal was local streaming from your own PC, the long term goal is to have streaming available no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. This would be through Nvidia’s GRID streaming service which we’ve talked about a few times already.

Game News

[CES2013] nVidia officially reveals GRID, their answer to standardize and improve cloud gaming

nVidia had a lot to say this year during their press conference which was one of the longer ones we’ve ever attended. Along with their announcement of Tegra 4, which is now official, and Project Shield, there portable Android gaming system, and showcasing some of the upcoming Tegra 4 games like Dead Trigger 2. Also announced was nVidia’s GRID, their answer to improving cloud gaming.