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[GDC 2015] Nvidia announces the Shield Android TV console. It’s a singular device for in-home entertainment and gaming

Nvidia held their big press event at GDC 2015 and the company had been hinting at a big announcement, stating it was five years in the making. Everyone had their guesses as to what this would be, with a lot of people pointing to VR as being the announcement. We actually guessed it would be a console in a previous article. When the event began, the CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang, came out and told everyone right away that he had three things to announce: a new revolutionary TV, a new super computer, and a new console. Turns out, it wasn’t three devices, it was just one.

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Could Nvidia be unveiling a GRID-centric device at GDC 2015? A set-top box perhaps?

Nvidia is gearing up for a big announcement at their pres event during the upcoming GDC 2015 and while no one truly knows what the company plans to unveil, besides Nvidia themselves, a lot of talk is happening about what the possible things the announcement could be. One of the more interesting ideas, and something mentioned in the comments in our previous article about the upcoming event, is a set-top box. However this idea we’ve been reading about goes further than that, making the set-top box be geared towards Nvidia’s GRID gaming on demand service.

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Nvidia offering up a deal for the 32GB Nvidia Shield Tablet for the holidays

So far Nvidia has really been pushing their Shield line of products over the past month, whether it be offering up a discount for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or something else, it has been a good time to buy a Shield Portable or a Shield Tablet. Right now Nvidia has put up another deal to take advantage of for the holidays which features the 32GB version of their Shield Tablet.

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Nvidia’s Shield Tablet and Shield Portable Black Friday sale becomes their Cyber Monday promotion as well

On Black Friday Nvidia hosted a sale on their Shield Portable and Shield Tablet products, offering up a pretty decent discount for each one. Well that sale for Black Friday has also now become their sale for Cyber Monday which means if you missed your chance to snag either device while it was on sale last week, you have another chance to do so today.

Game News

Two new games by Nvidia are now available for Shield and GRID users – Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third

Nvidia Shield owners who also enjoy playing games through Nvidia’s cloud game streaming service GRID has a couple of additional games to check out and both of them are pretty solid titles. For those of you who are into zombies, you will want to check out Dead Island. If you’re a fan of the Saints Row franchise then you’ll be happy to know that Saints Row: The Third is now available to play.