Nvidia’s Shield Tablet and Shield Portable Black Friday sale becomes their Cyber Monday promotion as well

On Black Friday Nvidia hosted a sale on their Shield Portable and Shield Tablet products, offering up a pretty decent discount for each one. Well that sale for Black Friday has also now become their sale for Cyber Monday which means if you missed your chance to snag either device while it was on sale last week, you have another chance to do so today.

If you missed what the sale is, here are the details regarding each device and what each one comes with:

Nvidia Shield Portable – The Nvidia Portable will be available for $199 and will come with a free carrying case and glossy black armor. Nvidia’s on-demand game streaming service GRID will also be available for free. Regular price for this would be $258.

Nvidia 32GB LTE Shield Tablet – Of the two deals Nvidia is putting up for Cyber Monday, this is the best one. When you purchase a 32GB LTE Shield Tabler for $399 you will also get a free Shield game controller, the Green Box Bundle of games, as well as access to Nvidia’s on-demand game streaming service GRID for free. The Green Box Bundle is that game bundle from Valve we have previously talked about which comes with Half-Life 2, Portal and introduces Half-Life 2: Episode One to Android as well. Regular price for this would be around $488.

As you can see this sale is identical to the company’s Black Friday offerings. If you’re interested in picking up either one of these devices today, you can do so through Nvidia’s Shield purchasing page. Of course this is for today only.

Official Website: Nvidia’s Cyber Monday sale

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