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Game News

Anshar Wars 2 gets a new gameplay video showcasing the start of each level

Anshar Wars 2 is the newest addition to the Anshar Wars series of games for virtual reality headsets, in particular the Samsung Gear VR for this release. For those of you not familiar with this game, essentially this is an aerial combat game that takes place in space. You get to choose one of the three available ship options when you start, then you’re off to complete objectives and missions.

Hardware News

[Updated] Amazon Prime Day has begun! Here are some deals for Android devices and gadgets to check out

It is July 15th, 2015 and that really didn’t mean much up until this year, unless of course that is your birthday. However this year, and possibly future years as well, July 15th is Amazon Prime Day which is Amazon’s big sale day for Prime members. This is the first year for Prime Day and Amazon is touting more deals than Black Friday and so far that is appearing to be quite true. Not only is there a lot of deals, most of them are actually pretty good.

Hardware News

Developers can now apply to get a free HTC Vive Developer Edition virtual reality headset

Back near the end of March 2015 we reported on HTC and the fact that they would be offering developers a chance to apply for a free Vive Developer Edition virtual reality headset which they can use to develop games for. The only thing that developers were waiting for was to have HTC launch their official website that developers would be using to sign-up for the headset.