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BlazBlue RR from 91 Act brings epic arcade style fighting to Android

If you are a fan of old school arcade type fighting games, you may want to check out a game that has just arrived in the Google Play Store. 91 Act a game developer based in Sichuan, China, has released BlazBlue RR. The full title of the game is BlazBlue Revolution Reburning. If you enjoy fighting games, this game has been made to work on your mobile devices with accessible on-screen game mechanics, that will have you executing amazing martial arts moves in no time.

Game Features

DroidGamers Interviews the Team Behind the game The Executive

As game enthusiasts, we enjoy hitting the install button in the Google Play Store. Have you thought about what it takes to get a game from the drawing board to the Play Store. I can assure you there are a myriad of steps. It is not enough to have a great idea for a game. If you do have a great idea, you are one step closer to your goal, but there are many steps to follow. Noodlecake Games and Riverman Media, the publishers and creators behind the game The Executive, shed a little light on the process, and how they worked together to get it done.

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[Game Review] Fatal Fight Delivers a Mighty Blow to the Genre of Fighting Games on Android

With a flutter, Neo’s eyes pop open. He says, “I know Kung-Fu!” Morpheus peers at him intently and responds, “Show me.” Thus begins one of the more popular fight sequences in recent movie history, taken from the film, The Matrix. Out of the Republic of Azerbaijan, twenty-six year old game creator, Toghrul Samadov had an idea for a fighting game for mobile devices. He and his team have created Fatal Fight, and it delivers a mighty blow to the fighting genre with a simple game play mechanic.