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Day of the Tentacle Review: An excellent romp through time

LucasArts is one of those studios that I really appreciate. Twenty some years ago, they released a string of excellent adventure games that went WAY outside of the bread and butter of Star Wars. Day of the Tentacle was one such game. Set up as the sequel to Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle carries over many (though not all) of its characters, and takes place five years later. I really enjoyed this game when I was in High School, and was thrilled to be able to play it again over the last few weeks, via GeForce Now.


Three games currently in soft launches you should check out if you can, global releases coming soon

Over the past few days there have been a few games that have been released as a soft launch specific to certain countries in like Canada, Australia and a few others, order to test to make sure they are all running good. Two of these games we’ve talk about in the past already, covering their inevitable release onto Android, and both are being published by EA. These games are Dungeon Keeper and Heroes of Dragon Age. The third game is actually from LucasArts called Tiny Death Star.