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[Updated] A Humble Bundle That Should Not Be Missed: Crescent Moon Games Bundles Games for A Good Cause

By now, everyone on planet Earth that plays games, reads or listens to books, or enjoys good music, has heard of Humble Bundle. If you haven’t, now is a great time to discover, what the folks over at Humble Bundle have to offer. Humble Bundle gives you the opportunity to buy bundled products, in this case, Android mobile games, while supporting charity. You get to name your price for the games. If your price is above a certain average, it unlocks more games for you, as they become available. The new mobile bundle for Android is now available, and it is a collaboration between Humble Bundle and Crescent Moon Games. This mobile bundle is definitely worth checking out, because it has some pretty great games, and exclusive content in it! Are you ready to name your price and hit the download button?