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Rovio’s latest game Battle Bay has soft launched in select regions

Rovio’s latest game is not another entry into the Angry Birds series. Rovio has decided to take to the high seas, and focus on naval warfare… in a way. Battle Bay is an impressive looking multiplayer game, that will certainly have a lot of people interested in checking it out. The game has soft-launched in a few select regions and if you are in one of those areas, you are in luck. You can play what is sure to be Rovio’s next big hit.


Barrr Pirate Game

What Friday wouldn’t be complete without some sort of alcohol reference. Hey it is the weekend, time to kick back and have a beer or whatever your poison is. Even better, why not have a cold one while running your own pirate bar? Barrr, developed by Firedroid, will let you do just that on your Android phone and it comes complete with some very unique art.