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Looks like development for Super Meat Boy Forever has started back up

Awhile ago we reported on a mobile version of the rather challenging platformer Super Meat Boy was in the works. However, shortly after that news came out, things ended up going silent on that front. As it turns out, indie dev Edmund McMillen took a break from development after working on his PC game Fingered. Now he’s back in action and focused on finishing Super Meat Boy Forever, the mobile spin-off of Super Meat Boy.


Team Meat’s upcoming game Mew-Genics will come with cats… lots of cats

The developers behind Super Meat Boy have announced their newest project which happen to be a mobile game going by the name of Mew-Genics. This particular game will features cats… lots and lots of cats in a game that hey are labeling as a ‘cat lady sim’ type of game. Needless to say this is both awesome and horribly terrifying at the same time, especially if you have a fear of cats. That would make this game your personal hell.