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Tokyo Jungle now available on Playstation Mobile. Time to channel your inner bad ass baby chicken

Almost a week ago we got confirmation that a version of Tokyo Jungle would be coming to Playstation Mobile in the very near future. Well that future has become the present and Tokyo Jungle is now available for Playstation Certified devices through the Playstation Mobile store. While this is a Tokyo Jungle game, it isn’t a direct port of the actual game for Playstation 3.


Tokyo Jungle confirmed to be heading to Playstation Mobile this month

The rather strange concept of what would happen if a city, say Tokyo, happen to suddenly be overrun with a jungle and the animals took the city back over landed on Playstation 3 not too long ago. It’s a game you’ll either love or absolutely hate, there really isn’t much of an in-between with this title. However, it’s popular enough that a mobile version is heading to Playstation Mobile in the very near future.