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Twitch will be broadcasting E3 2015 coverage, users have full co-streaming rights this year. So guess what we are doing?

While this won’t be the first year Twitch will be covering the big video game conference E3, this will be the first year that users have rights to re-broadcast/co-stream the streams while they are live as well as adding commentary to them. While at first this may not seem like a big thing, but this means that streamers will be able to sit with their audience and watch E3 2015 together while talking to their fans about whatever is currently going on.

Game News

Microsoft announces a new policy for YouTube Let’s Play videos and Twitch game streaming

Microsoft has announced, and put into place, a formal new policy regarding the creation of YouTube Let’s Play videos as well as content streamed on services like TwitchTV. Up until now the company didn’t really have a formal policy geared towards this type of content creation. Since streaming on TwitchTV has become a lot easier with Android games and making YouTube videos of Android games has been happening for a long time, this certainly is something to learn about if you plan on streaming or including anything from Microsoft in your upcoming videos and want to monetize them.