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[Update: Gameplay Video] Game in Development: Unreal Engine 4 built Submerged by Uppercut Games

Following the success of their previous projects Epoch and Epoch 2, Uppercut Games recently unveiled their next game in development entitled Submerged. In the Epoch series, the environment was a post-apocalyptic world where only robots survived to fight a war that never ends. In Submerged, the environment is literally overflowing with action, adventure and a compelling narrative. From the brief synopsis of the game, it appears the storyline will have as much heart as it does action and lush visuals.

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[GDC 2014] Qualcomm’s new video shows us visuals made with Unreal Engine 4 on mobile devices

Qualcomm has released a new video showing how Epic is bringing high-end game graphics to mobile with the newest iteration of their Unreal Engine. Even though this is basically a demo reel showing off some rendered landscapes made with Unreal Engine 4, they are still impressive, especially when you take into account that these environments are on a mobile device.

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Epic Games says mobile is now the new PC, competing with current consoles

Niklas Smedberg of Epic Games made an interesting statement during GDC Europe 2012 citing that mobile is now the new PC in terms of gaming. This is a fact we have been saying for the past year and a half at least but that is besides the point. It is interesting in that this is coming from Epic Games and the statement goes as far as saying that right now mobile is “starting to competing with current consoles”.