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Point-and-Click adventure Yesterday has a sequel coming to Android

Yesterday is a point and click adventure (with a little hidden object thrown in) that was released originally in 2012. The story centered around the murder of homeless people, and the protagonist John Yesterday (whose role is one of a couple that players assume) is hired to investigate them. Publisher Miroids and developer Pendulo Studio are announcing a sequel called Yesterday Origins.

Game Reviews

The Yesterday Review: Yesterday is never too late for a good adventure

Yesterday is a new point-and-click, click-to-move or click-and-hold-and-select adventure game (whatever the kids say these days) by Pendulo Studios that has been out for a while but is new to me. It instantly felt like a newer adventure game, a genre that many gamers remember only from the late 80s or 90s. I have really enjoyed watching the mobile market work hand-in-hand with the point-and-click adventure world and hope to see more blockbusters like Yesterday come out. The game might be short-ish, only spanning several hours (or several days if you play at the glacial pace I do) but it packs in almost too many details and intense moments.