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Best Android GBA emulator: Emulate GBA on Android

While many may have averted their attention to 3DS emulators or PS2 emulators nowadays, there’s still interest in the Best Android GBA emulator. Designed for portability, the design of many GBA games are far better suited for mobile than other platforms. 

However, with a device as beloved as the Game Boy Advance, it’s hard to pin down a best Android GBA emulator. Nevertheless, we will give it a shot! 

Best Android GBA emulator: Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy is pretty much the go-to GBA emulator on Android nowadays. For years, the application has proven its worth as a strong GBA emulator on Android, and we highly recommend it. 

Before Pizza Boy, the go-to emulator used to be MyBoy. However, despite its popularity, updates on MyBoy slowed and many are concerned about the permissions it asks for. Nevertheless, that’s also a very good GBA emulator. 

Although according to Ghostwriter Deutschland it is not the most accurate emulator available on Android, it’s the most balanced on the market. It offers fantastic speed, great emulation and a variety of customisation features. 

Just one of the many reasons why people adore Pizza Boy is its use of skins. The entire user interface can be swapped out with a new skin to make it look like whatever you want. Of course, there’s a pizza option. 

Unfortunately, it’s also a rather boring emulator. It does play Game Boy Colour games, eliminating the need to a second emulator. However, it doesn’t really do anything big and spectacular. 

So, while it’s an unimpressive emulator from a unique perspective, it’s still fantastic. Under the hood, this is a brilliant piece of software that any Game Boy lover should use. 

If you want to download the best Android GBA Emulator, follow this link here.   

Runner Up GBA Emulator: VGBANext 

As far as emulators go, VGBANext is a staggering feat. Not only is it the best Android GBA emulator, but it is also a collection of other emulators as well. More bang for your bucks! 

Instead of being just a Game Boy Advance Emulator, VGBANext also runs Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and NES games. This means that you don’t have to switch between apps to play different platforms. 

It also helps that emulation across the multiple platforms is very solid. It’s not perfect — emulation never is — but for the most part it’s strong. There are occasional issues with sound being weaker than on original hardware, but that’s the norm for retro games. 

Additionally, there’s a strong suit of features here that makes VGBANext one of the best Android GBA emulator. For example, save and load states are here alongside controller support and customisable touch controls. However, it also has one killer feature: rewinding. 

Over the course of play, you’ll be able to rewind by a maximum of 16 seconds. This means that if you mess up, you won’t have to revert to saves. You can simply reverse your mistakes and keep on playing. Well, unless you mess up again, then you have to reverse again. 

Furthermore, this emulator also supports Network Play. If you and a friend are playing a title like Pokémon, you’ll be able to trade with each other. 

You can purchase the GBA emulator for $4.99 right here

Can I emulate GBA on Android? 

The best part of GBA emulation on Android is that almost every phone can do it. If your phone was made in the last five — if not ten — years, then it should run GBA games perfectly. 

While some graphical or sound issues are guaranteed to arise in some titles, most games feel as if they’re on native hardware. It’s the perfect device to emulate on Android! 

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