Have a say in how the GTA V inspired game Juonto City turns out

A indie developer going by the name of The W Games is current working on developing a game inspired by Grand Theft Auto V called Juonto City. This particular game will be an open world game like the Grand Theft Auto franchise is along with plenty of the game mechanics that comes with the series.

Visually Juonto City will be more in line with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which isn’t a bad thing at all considering GTA: Vice City looks pretty good on Android. Players will also have missions to complete, people to shoot, cars to drive and all the other good stuff to do just like you would in a GTA game. The city itself will be somewhat like Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V as well.

The developers have hit up our forums asking for suggestions and feedback regarding the development of Juonto City so here is a good opportunity to have a say in how a game turns out. According to the developers a demo version should be available soon as well. We will be sure to get a hold of it and report back on how it looks and plays. We did find the PC trailer for Juonto City which you can watch above to get an idea of how the game looks.

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