Mario Kart Tour Battle Mode is finally here!

The gears are turning in Nintendo’s arcade mobile game as Mario Kart Tour Battle Mode finally arrives. Coming tomorrow, the new mode will finally bring the series’ iconic showdown mode to the mobile game. 

Bring on Mario Kart Tour Battle Mode

Three years since its release on mobile, Mario Kart Tour is finally receiving its battle mode update. Instead of just racing across tracks, you can now battle against your friends in fights to the death!

The new mode arrives tomorrow on October 4th. However, it is a much smaller launch than first expected with only a couple of arenas to race on. These courses are GBA Battle Course 1 and GCN Cookie Land. 

If you’re unaware of what this mode is, don’t worry, we got you. In Battle Mode, you drive around the arena with three balloons on your car. Drivers who get hit with items lose a balloon. The aim of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloons while keeping your own. 

Mario Kart Tour Battle Mode will be available in single player and multiplayer. Furthermore, you’ll be able to customise the mode with the game’s all-new Spotlight Shop which replaces the game’s previous gacha system. 

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No More Gacha 

This update is very important to the game as it removes the game’s reliance on gacha mechanics completely. Instead, items will be available in the Spotlight Shop to buy using in-game currency. If you want a new character or car part, you won’t have to trust the luck of the draw. 

On the other hand, the game will lock more benefits behind Gold Pass, a subscription service for the game. However, it’s still much better than making players gamble with their in-game currency or real-world money. 

If you have yet to try Mario Kart Tour, you can check it out right here! Let us know just how much you like the game in the comments below!

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