Pixel Press is an app that will let you draw your own game

A Kickstarter project is now up and running for a rather interesting, and conceptually amazing, application that will allow anyone using graph paper and a pencil to literally draw their own game. From the designs on the graph paper that you have drawn, the application will read that and convert it into a game which you can then share with your friends.

While the original goal of Pixel Press is for an iOS application, there are new and pretty small stretch goals that would bring the application to Android as well. At $125,000, the developers will make both an Android and an iOS version. If they hit $150,000 in funding, we can expect an Ouya version, upload graphics and images features, and alter physics as well which is pretty damn interesting in itself.

The entire process of drawing your own game takes four steps: draw a level, take a picture, design it, play & share. While there are some questions as to how much logic can be implemented into the game from within the application when it converts it to a game, the application will be ever expanding to include new mechanics and features for you to use when designing your levels with the tools the application comes with.

If you’re up for ensuring that an Android version of this application comes to life, head on over to the Pixel Press Kickstarter page and toss a couple of bucks their way to help out. If you have any questions, the developers are actually holding an IAmA on Reddit all day today so head over there if you have any questions or concerns. You can also watch a demo video above.

Website Referenced: Pixel Press bKickstart

Offical Website: Pixel Press

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