Thumbstar Games’ Total Recoil is here for you to shoot, kill and destroy everything in sight

Thumbstar Games are responsible for quite a few enjoyable games on Android already but their newest release called Total Recoil is a war themed game that is designed to allow you to do what you enjoy doing the most, shooting everything you possibly can with a variety of weapons.

Total Recoil is a pure arcade shooter, taking everything you would hope to find in a game like this and actually stuffing it all inside one title. You have a rather nice selection of weapons, lots of explosions, lots of little enemies to shoot in the face, big bosses to take down and even killstreak rewards for that extra flare of devastation you may be feeling is needed to get your point across in-game and raise that body count of yours.

Total Recoil Features:

• Addictive arcade gameplay that keeps you wanting just one more go
• Upgradable weapons, including the Chaingun, Flamethrower and Guided Missile
• Killstreak rewards, including Artillery Strikes, Sentry Guns and the Dive Bombing plane
• A bespoke music score and voice acting from the talented Tom Clarke-Hill
• In game purchases to buy and upgrade weapons, killstreaks & equipment
• Easy to pick up, challenging to complete difficulty progression
• Translated into EFIGS(Europe), Brazilian Portugese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
• More explosions per square inch of screen than any other game, ever!

For those of you looking for a pure arcade game where your goal is to literally just shoot everything in sight, you might want to check out Total Recoil. Downloading a copy of this game will cost you a whole lot of nothing to do so. You can also check out the game in action in the trailer below.

Google Play Link:Total Recoil

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