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Tegra 4 is almost here, but where are some of the Tegra 3 games?

Ok, so yesterday we brought you exclusive news of the first known Tegra 4 game called Codex the Warrior. The Tegra 4 chipset should be announced soon, and probably we’d see a boatload of titles announced just for that platform during next week’s CES.

Anyway, I was reading through the comments on the website earlier today and saw one by a user asking now that Tegra 4 is upon us, where are the other Tegra games that have been shown off by nVidia in the past? I thought this was worth a look into and my findings are below. Take note that this list only comprises of officially announced Tegra titles by nVidia.

Bladeslinger – We first heard about this and saw the demo a full 15 months ago. Running on Unity 3D, it looked mouth-watering back then (I say back then because now it’d look fairly normal), with detailed characters and real-time shadows among other visual goodies. We reported in September 2011 that it would be out by Q4 2011, but alas one delay after another has meant we’re still left waiting for it. Last month, it got released on iOS, and word is an Android launch is imminent.

Dark Kingdom – This was one of five games unveiled during the 2012 Mobile World Congress (MWC). It’s actually a port of a similarly titled PS3 game, and has a similar vibe to the Diablo series with a top-down perspective view, dungeon crawling and RPG elements. We even had some hands-on time with the game at GDC 2012, and it looked fairly complete. However, since then, we have not heard anything from nVidia nor the developers. It could still show up in the future, but the lack of updates may mean this one may sadly not see the light of day.

Golden Arrow – Also making its official debut during the MWC 2012, Golden Arrow has since undergone a name change (now known as Battlestone) and the studio that was making it (November Software) has been bought over by, ahem, Zynga. This is a hack-n-slash kinda game that was intended to be free-to-play from the very beginning. When I first asked them for an ETA last year, I got a “late 2012” reply. Now, there is no word when exactly the game will be out, and whether it’ll still be a Tegra exclusive. But rest assured that since this has been snapped up by Zynga, it will get released.

Eden to Greeeen – This is the third and final out of five games shown off during MWC 2012 that has yet to be released. Developed by iNis, this is a cross between a turn-based strategy and tower defense game, and is reminiscent of Plants vs Zombies. It was due to come out in Q2 2012, but missed the deadline. It was then shown off again during the Google I/O, but we haven’t heard from iNiS since. However, another one of iNiS’s game, Demons’ Score, got released recently, so there is still hope this freemium strategy game will be out soon.

Bounty Arms – Shown off officially during the E3 expo in June 2012 (though we did get a hands-on a few months before that), this is a side-scrolling action platformer that is set in a 3D world, as opposed to the conventional 2D setting. It is being developed by Open Reset and will be published by the same guys that’ll be publishing Bladeslinger. No release timeframe was officially outed, but it is the only Tegra game unveiled at E3 that still hasn’t been launched. From what we know, this game is nearing completion and should be out within the first half of the year.

There are a couple of other titles we have probably missed that were due out for Tegra 3 devices that haven’t yet been released. If you think of any other ones, let us know in the comments below.

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