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[MWC 2012] nVidia unveils four more upcoming Tegra 3 Android games

nVidia is really rolling out the announcements today with their big push with quad-core Tegra 3 devices right now during MWC 2012. Not only are they pushing the hardware but the entertainment factor as well. Aside from the new Sonic 4 Episode II trailer, nVidia is also announcing four more games coming to Tegra 3 devices.

Right now we a fair bit about three of the four games announced. One game we do know a decent amount about is Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD which is currently available for PC and also on the PSN. This is a co-op adventure puzzle game where you play as Hamilton, and his trusty side-kick bird named Sasha, where your goal is to make it out of each stage while collecting as much treasure as possible. No saving the world in this game. You can get further details about this game in our previous post from back in November 2011.

Another game nVidia is announcing, that after some digging we found a bunch of information on, is Eden to GREEEEN THD by iNiS Corporation. This is the same company that we also mentioned back in November 2011 that had the Euphoria demo running on a Tegra 3 device back during Computex 2011. This game, however, is a strategy game where you control the plants as they fight to rise up and take back their land from the evil machines.

We are lucky enough to have a full features list for this game which includes:

• 18 of the most hilarious flowers, plants and trees all beautifully animated and rendered in realtime 3D
• Choose between Expansion, Offensive and Defensive plants to execute your counter-attack
• Rise against the machines in 3 world areas with 20 maps in each area
• Tend to your plants in your own personal gardens and watch them grow — you might even get some bonuses while you’re at it
• More areas, maps, enemies and plants will be available every month for downloadable purchase
• Optimized for Tegra devices featuring high resolution textures, highest quality shaders, tons of on-screen characters and beautiful effects galore as featured in Tegra Zone.

Interestingly enough, the main energy in this game is actually called Euphoria so whether this is a new remaking of the original demo or it just happens to be apart of the same universe remains to be seen. We also know that this game will be free when it is released. You can check the game out in action through the trailer above.

The last two game are Dark Kingdom THD and Golden Arrow THD. Golden Arrow is an action adventure game which there isn’t a whole lot of information about just yet but appears to be a hack n’ slash type of game. Dark Kingdom THD is the port of the Playstation 3 game where you will be collecting spirits and runes while on the hunt for your missing father. For those of you who dig the top-down action RPG fantasy games, this is right up your alley. You can check out Dark Kingdom THD in action in the trailer below.

Source: nVidia

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