Day: December 9, 2010

Game News

SystemPanel Review: Task Managers Reborn

SystemPanel is an interesting tool from developer NextApp Inc. who brought us Websharing, the WiFi remote access tool we’ll be taking a look at soon. If you’ve noticed battery draining quickly and you’re looking for a great task manager on your Android phone that manages to stay relevant on Froyo or even Gingerbread, you should definitely keep reading about SystemPanel.

Game News

PayPal, Visa and Mastercard go offline, paid apps go with them

Hackers with political motivation, being called hactivists by the media are using a tool known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon (found on the internet with a simple search) to attack PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. Credit processors stopped donations to WikiLeaks, a Whistle-Blowing website out of fear of legal recourse. It disrupted the ability to make purchases in the Android Market for several hours as a result.

Game News

Mega Jump making the journey to Android this month

Mega Jump by Get Set Games is making the journey to Android from iOS. Having received 7.5 million downloads from the iOS version, this game is quite popular. Camel Games based their Hyper Jump game off of Mega Jump and everyone likes Hyper Jump! The goal behind the game, get your little creature as high as he can get while collecting coins!