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Need for Speed: Shift by EA Mobile now available on the Android Market for everyone… finally!

Well great news for everyone who has wanted Need for Speed: Shift by EA Mobile but has not had it available to them. You can now go to the Android Market and buy the game! After a very long time, at least it seems that way, of being exclusive only to certain phones such as the Droid 2, EA Mobile has finally put NFS: Shift onto the market.

People have been asking for this game to come to the Android Market for quite some time. Thankfully your pleas have been heard! Interestingly enough, it is cheaper on the Android Market then when it was exclusive on a few Android phones.


  • 20 Different cars to choose from
  • 18 Tracks across 3 locations
  • 2 Game modes: Quick Race and Career
  • 3 Difficulty settings
  • Physics-based 3D accelerated graphics



Graphically, this game is really good and same when it comes to gameplay. Most newer Android devices should be able to run this pretty well, it ran great on the Droid 2 I tested it on. Older Android devices might be out of luck when it comes to good performances.

You can pick this up on the Android Market right now for $4.99. There is no free trial version but if you know someone who has an Android phone with the exclusive demon on it, you can try it out that way.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Website Referenced: Android and Me

Direct Market Link: Need for Speed: Shift

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