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Glu Mobile gearing up to release Gun Bros THD. Promises beautiful destruction.

Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros. has been a well received game on the Android Market and now owners of devices that come equipped with a dual-core Tegra 2 chip have something to look forward. Glu is getting ready to launch Gun Bros THD which promises much more beautiful explosions.

While the gameplay will remain the same, owners of Android devices with Tegra 2 chips will be treated to enhanced eye candy for you to enjoy while you plow through enemies. This will be done through the use of new lighting effects, newly enhanced gunfire effect and better character visibility.


  • Exclusive nVidia Tegra effects including overall graphical look
  • New planets complete with new enemies and a time slowing device
  • Still complete with tons of high-powered guns and armor of course
  • Everything else you would find in the regular Gun Bros including Survival Mode, new weapons and more


The great part about this is that if you already have Gun Bros on your Android device and want to upgrade, you won’t lose any money since Gun Bros is free for all Android devices. Whether this bleeds over onto the THD version has yet to be seen but chances are good. Gun Bros THD is slated for release sometime this month and will be available through the Android Market and Tegra Zone. For preview photos, check out Gun Bros THD on your Tegra Zone app.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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