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Google Games coming to Google+ ? Clues found in Google+ coding.

By now you’ve heard of Google+ in one way or another with all the news going on about it. If not, it is essentially Google’s social network but with hints going around about Google getting into games as well, it could very well become a lot more. Considering it is also available in the form of Android apps, things are getting interesting with a new snippet of code found in the source.

We have always believed that Google would bring a Game Center type feature to Android like Apple has with iOS. With Google Games ‘rumored’ to be on the way and now Google+ out in limited fashion, that could very well become a reality with it being integrated into the Google+ apps on Android. Even still, the fact is, with this new code snippet found in the Google+ source, it looks like Google Games will be coming and is probably a lot closer than we think.

Even if this doesn’t integrate at some point with a Game Center type feature like Apple has with iOS, this would put Google+ in direct competition with Facebook, more so than it is now. However, with all the facts stacking up we do know one thing for sure, Google Games is coming. Android integration would seem like a very strong possible feature.

To check it out yourself, go here and right-click and select view source. Then use Find to fine the word Game and you’ll see it after a few clicks. Other interesting items can be at Stilbruch’s website including possible Google Questions and Google Groups add-on.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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