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Cave to start bringing their bullet infested games to Android

Cave, who have been developing games for mobile since 1998 and worked on some major non-mobile games as well such as a version of Sim City for EA, has announced that they will start bringing some of their iOS and social games over to Android.

Cave’s most popular games come in the form of bullet-hell shooters. If you don’t know what a bullet-hell shooter is, they are those shooter games where, usually, you are flying in a ship or as a character and there are a slew of enemies on the screen at any given time. While you are trying to shoot them all in order to survive to the end of the stage, you also have to dodge a ridiculous amount of bullets coming at you. At some points it is damn near impossible to dodge all of them. It’s alright though because usually you have some seriously big weaponry at your disposal.

As you know, Android has some difficult specifications limits, in terms of screen size, CPU and memory, particularly for our games. However, thanks to the achievements of our engineers I think we’ll have some good news for people soon. – Mikio Watanabe-san from Cave.


While Cave is bringing over their bullet-hell games to Android, they are also planning to bring over their more casual game titles as well such as Castle Creator. This is largely thanks to the social gaming networks of GREE and Mobage as they begin their transition to the West, offering up social games and their respective communities for everyone else outside of Asia.

iOS trailer for DoDonPachi Resurrection

No word just yet on any sort of exact release date or pricing but if you’re a fan of bullet-hell games, then this is good news for you. If you have previously owned an iOS device, some of their more popular games are DoDonpachi Resurrection, Mushihimesama Bug Panic and DeathSmiles. There are some bullet-hell style games on Android already as well but finding them takes a little work.

Developer Website: Cave

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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